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CATTLECHAIN 4.0 is a global solution to monitor, manage, support decision making and traceability of the beef and dairy cattle supply chain.

It is based on a combination of advanced AI algorithms, IoT and blockchain technologies to guarantee that the living conditions of the animals meet a set of defined animal welfare standards.

Cost efficient



Standard and interoperable

Our mission

The European livestock sector is in need of innovative tools to increase its efficiency and become an attractive activity for the younger generations and assure full transparency and traceability along the supply chain.

Improving farm efficiency

Analysis shows that on average about 50% of the European livestock farms are reliant on subsidies. Currently, precision farming is only profitable for big farms and the investment is always difficult to pay back.

Traceability and welfare with blockchain

There is an increasing demand on more information on food quality and safety and treaceability.

The solution


Plug & Play. The combination of high capabilities devices (collars) and low-cost ear-tags enables a large variety of services at low cost customized for all type of farmer.


FIWARE Open Source Platform for easy integration of data from different sources (OpenData, Sentinel)
Harmonized Standard Data Models.

Multi-device user apps

– Farm management for dairy, breeders and fatteners farmers.
– Visual APP for consumers with information on the animal welfare and product: birth, breeding and growing periods, product processing and distribution.


Multi-protocol long range and low energy IoT (Sigfox, NBIOT, Lora) and short range BLE.

Animal monitoring

Health, welfare, growth rate and reproductive status

AI algorithms

Adapted to match all the existing farming typologies both dairy and beef farms through piloting in more than 5000 animals.

Blockchain enabled

Transparency and traceability
animal welfare indicators.

Coordinator & Partners

SensoWave (www.sensowave.com) is the trademark from MISC International, S.L. devoted to the development of technological solutions in the ICT sector.

SensoWave was launched in 2013 and focuses its activity on the Internet of Things, Cloud computing and mobile apps fields. It applies similar solutions to different fields such as: eHealth, farming, industry, homes, defence, and smart cities.

One of Sensowave’s products is DIGITANIMAL (www. digitanimal.com), a SaaS platform that consists in hardware add-ons and software modules to monitor and locate livestock in farms.

The FIWARE Foundation is a non-profit organization that drives the definition and encourages the adoption of open standards – implemented using Open Source technologies – that ease the development of smart solutions, based on FIWARE technology, across domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart AgriFood and Smart Industry.

The FIWARE global community has the common effort of achieving a solid headway towards making FIWARE open source technology the best instrument for companies to reach their full potential and scale their activities to enter new markets and grow their businesses.

Bas Alimentària S.L. (Natrus) is an Spanish hamburguer company dedicated to the production and marketing of burgers and noble pieces of beef with a high added value. Natrus processes and markets Angus veal meat raised

in Carrera d’en Bas S.L. All products natural and do not contain chemical additives.

For BAS ALIMENTÀRIA, traceability, animal well-being and food safety go before any project.

L’Institut de l’Élevage (The French Livestock Institute) (acronym Idele) is a professional institute of expertise and applied research on herbivores: cattle, sheep, goats and horses. It conducts experimentation, engineering and consulting work to improve the competitiveness

of the farms and the conditions for exercising the profession of stockbreeder, to adapt the production and livestock systems and to meet the demands of the processing sectors concerning products and quality approaches.

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