Helping ranchers to better manage their cattle and ensure animal welfare

“Its latest project, Cattlechain, is an IoT-blockchain solution for farms to meet the EU’s animal welfare standards, fulfilling consumers’ demand for sustainable farming and food traceability”

This week, Carlos Callejero, CEO of Digitanimal and Sensowave, coordinator of the Cattlechain project, sat down with CompassList to give further insights into what Cattlechain is doing in the domain of Smart Livestock Farming to help farmers and to meet the European Union’s animal welfare standards, hereby also reinforcing consumers’ confidence in the products they consume.

In his interview, available in full (both in audio and written form) on the CompassList website, Carlos discusses the need for farmers to be able to locate and monitor their animals, especially in the warmer months when the animals can take advantage of free grazing on large areas of land. He also touches upon how the needs and difficulties that farmers face can be met with IoT, as well as the importance of data collection. The solution: a robust device and developed algorithms that adhere to the sensor parameters set out by the Animal Welfare Protocol.

He goes on to explain the significant improvements that Cattlechain can bring about in European farms. The project puts the animal first, by improving animal welfare during the early stages of the animal’s life. It do so by taking into account, for instance, the animal’s access to water and food. Farmers can hereby improve the productivity of their farm and customers who choose to eat meat can make more sustainable and cruelty-free decisions when purchasing meat.

Want to know more about the technological challenges that were faced, which urgent needs the project is addressing and how they are going about doing this, and how and when Cattlechain will be launched as a product from its current research project status?

You can read the full interview here

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