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Connecting farmers and  consumers!


Enhancing farm productivity and guaranteeing cattle traceability and welfare with blockchain

Animals connected


Improving farm efficiency

How Can We Help


Farmers get a decision support tool about their farm condition, so they can take immediate action if any issue arises and prevent losses/health issues


Blockchain based Animal Welfare Seal


Ensuring animal welfare through IoT devices and scientific support

artificial intelligence

Recording parameters from the cows with IoT wearables, and analysing  with Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Our Mission

The European livestock sector is in need of innovative tools to increase its efficiency and become an attractive activity for the younger generations and assure full transparency and traceability along the supply chain

Improving farm efficiency

Analysis shows that on average about 50% of the European livestock farms are reliant on subsidies. Currently, precision farming ins only profitable for big farms and the investment is always difficult to pay back

Traceability and welfare with blockchain

There is an increasing demand on more information on food quality and safety and treaceability

More than 5000 animals connected

Animal welfare seal will be created that guarantees that the meat and dairy products meet the highest animal welfare standars. This ground-breaking technologies and services will be validated in ambitious trial scenarios with 5.000 cows

Make A Real Change In Custormer Life

Customers and public authorities can access a traceability tool with truthful and secure data about the meat dairy supply chain. Cattlechain is the platform that will grant automatically the first certified blockchain Animal Welfare Seal.

Cordinator & Partners

CattleChain has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 853864